Ready for testing

It’s the moment of truth for every research project: the first contact between users and  the technical solution. Find out who is using the LAOLA app in our first study. 

The starting signal was given at the beginning of May: Since then, the LAOLA consortium runs the first study on the LAOLA app. Test subjects from Oldenburg, Bremen, Hildesheim and Hanover will have the opportunity to test and evaluate the LAOLA solution for homework support in voice therapy. We hope that this will provide us with valuable initial feedback for optimizing the app. 

But there is more to it than that: the aim of this first of two LAOLA studies is to compile a comprehensive video data set of patients with healthy voices. After the study, we will use this data to train a machine learning algorithm that can provide automated feedback on the homework of LAOLA users with voice disorders. We want to film between 150 and 400 test subjects for the study. If you are interested in taking part in this first or our second study, please get in touch with LAOLA

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